Run your business, not tech support. Viruses, bad Wi-Fi connections, or malfunctioning hardware slowing you down? Ask us how to speed up your business with complimentary access to Help Desk for 90 days.

Desktop Support & Services

We offer custom desktop support for you to connect with or persuade and change over site desktops into effective clients. Our desktop improvement ventures establish an incredible framework.

Laptop Support & Services

Our custom laptop support are impact on the psyche of your laptop guests. We get it going for your business with our best vector outline or illustrations plans of site.

Mac Support & Services

All individuals get a kick out of the chance to have a Apple based business support where he/she can offer effortlessly. We enable you to support your Mac into an unique offering stage.

Wi-Fi/Internet/Security Camera Support & Services

In our substance administration benefit we offer you the flexibility to haphazardly alter/transfer/evacuate the substance of your wi-fi/internet/security camera/surveillance whenever or anyplace.

Server/Cloud Support & Services

We are a server & cloud advancement Experts. We advertise marks on the web and ensure that you get best administration frame us through SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and so forth.

Network Support & Services

We offer network spoort and requires a site to satisfy activity parameters offer via different devices & tools to achieve a decent setup of your site.

Desi I.T. Support for Good: I.T. Support for Nonprofits - Powering the greater good with better support

Desi I.T. Support believes those who are doing good in the world should have access to the best tools available. This can get tricky when every penny counts, which is why we offer significant discounts to nonprofit organizations.
Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Desi I.T. Support can help. Talk to our data experts.
For internal business intelligence & support. Includes onsite and fully functional platform support. Cost: 50% discount off list-price on the platform and users. Available to any 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 (or local equivalent). Contact us for more information.

Support FAQ & Information

Help Desk provides unlimited time with on-demand IT support for businesses, up to 12 lines, that need help installing, setting-up, and troubleshooting a variety of business hardware and software. That means there are no limitations on the number of inquiries that you can submit to get help for supported business devices and software—and there’s never an annual contract.
Help Desk supports business hardware such as printers, routers, PC, laptops, etc., and the most commonly used Windows operating systems. Help Desk also supports many of the most common business software applications, including: MS Office, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Square, Google Docs, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot support customized software, but we will provide support for the current, and two previous releases of the operating systems, provided those releases are still supported by the original manufacturer.
The service is provided for PC desktop computers, laptops and related peripheral devices such as small business routers and printers. The service includes live support via telephone and chat, seven days a week, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. ET. Assistance with basic initial supported hardware setup. Software installation guidance. Hardware/operating system configurationconfiguration guidance. Assistance with setting up and connecting to an active wired or wireless connection. General hardware and operating system functionality “how to” assistance (functionality assistance is meant to assist a customer with a specific question about a software function or feature). Assistance with installing operating system updates. Assistance with basic computer tune-ups (help removing temporary files, error log files, unnecessary software at the customer’s request, etc.). Assistance with various forms of printing connectivity such as wireless, USB, parallel, etc. Remote screen sharing and/or remote desktop assistance services to troubleshoot and assist customers. Interpreting error messages and making an effort to resolve those errors remotely. Assistance in determining when a device or component has failed, and service is required to remedy the issue. Support for the current, and two previous releases of the operating systems, provided those releases are still supported by the original manufacturer.
Server support or issues requiring network administrative level tasks. Assistance bypassing any system passwords. Unattended PC/laptop setups/builds, or any other custom scripting (i.e. customer will have to be present with the Help Desk IT expert on the line when working through resolution) Software development. Assistance with the installation and configuration of internal PC hardware such as motherboard, RAM, or HD installation or replacement. Troubleshooting issues that have been resolved with operating system updates. Customer training. Recovery of lost data. Software licensing guidance.

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